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These last few months I have been pondering over our ONE Costa Rica ministry week in Alajuela, Costa Rica. What a success it was!

When we first started out with this vision the Lord had shown we were filled with anticipation as to what He desired us to do and what He was going to do as we obeyed each step. This trip was a huge endeavor for us, as we had never attempted to do this on our own like this. As we partnered with over six Pastors’ and their wives and other leaders during this week we saw doors open like never before! We evangelized in five neighborhoods, with most of them thick with drug addiction and poverty. As each day of the week came and passed, we saw God move on every home we ministered to, increasing in His presence more and more each day!

The first day we ministered to this neighborhood, we came upon a home where a single mom and her child lived. When we knocked on her gate, she came out with such sadness about her. She invited us into her home. As we shared who we were and why we were there, to tell her that Jesus loves her and sees her, she started to weep. As we continued to visit with her, her sadness turned into joy. We sat with her sharing with her that she is not alone and that the Body of Christ can help support her, she agreed she needed a church home. We blessed her and prayed for her and when we left, she stood outside on her porch with the largest smile on her face! Friends and family, now this is why we do what we do! Sharing the love of Jesus Christ and witnessing transformation!

Another sweet testimony is this young boy on his bike, in whom we met while going door to door in this same neighborhood. We gave him flip flops and he went away hurriedly down the street. Within a few minutes he had a friend with him riding on the back of his bike and we gave his friend flip flops, and asked if they wanted to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They both agreed and we prayed for Jesus to be their Lord of their life. They both went away very excited with the largest smiles on their face. Another few minutes passed and as we continued going door to door, and guess who we saw riding back up next to us, and yes, you guessed it, this sweet young boy bringing a little girl on the back of his bike for flip flops and to receive Jesus! This happened over and over again, and it was the sweetest thing watching him return back multiple times bringing his friends and family with him. I stooped down to share with him what the Lord was showing me about this young man, and shared that as he is bringing all these children on the back of his bike for flip flops and salvations, God is preparing him to be an evangelist to reach the multitudes and bringing those to Him! My friends, this is why we do what we do! If I was to tell you why we do what we do, this sweet picture says it all!

Another great testimony is that we were able to minister to many drug addicts on the street. There was one in particular in which we shared the love of Christ with and he acknowledged that he needed Jesus and desired to be delivered from this addiction. He mentioned how his mother had been praying for him for years! I told him, “Today, these prayers are being answered!” As we were praying for him, the Holy Spirit touched him in a very deep way, and he ended up flat on his back in the middle of the street. As we continued leaning over him praying for him, as tears flowed from his eyes, he was saying all he could see was white, beautiful bright white. And this! This is why we also do what we do!! He was a changed man when he stood back up! Now that’s the power of prayer! Thank you Jesus! We were later told by one of the Pastor’s in the area that many other drug addicted men and women arrived to their church asking for prayer and salvation! Praise God!

There are so many other additional great testimonies to share, but I will leave you with this! Saturday night arrived and all the neighborhoods we ministered to that week and the Pastor’s and the congregations and family came together as ONE to hold the evangelistic event. As the word was being shared and toward the end, the altar was filled with many being touched by the Holy Spirit, many salvation’s, including the eight year old grandson of one of the Pastor’s we partnered with came forward, and many families huddled together weeping and filled with joy. As I was watching the Holy Spirit move upon their hearts, I was reminded of this word He put upon my own heart prior to this ministry week, “Gather My people together, gather My people together, and in doing so, I will pour out My Spirit upon them.” Jeremiah 31:9 says, “They will come with weeping, and with supplications [prayers] I will lead them. I will cause them to walk by the rivers of waters, in a straight way in which they shall not stumble.” And the Lord’s promises stand true! He has brought them back to Him with repentance and with prayer, returning them to Himself. We praise God for all He has done and all He is going to do with many more who will return to Him in the days to come!

We want to thank each of you for your prayers and support. I pray as you read these testimonies you are encouraged as well. I want to ask you? Is there anyone in your life in who needs Jesus? Trust in the Lord to do for them, just as He has for these beautiful people in Costa Rica. Keep believing, keep declaring, and watch and see what He will do for you and for those you love. He will surely do it!

LOOKING FORWARD:  As we look forward to 2017, we are excited to announce we have secured the dates of February 19-27th for ONE Costa Rica in Alajuelita, a province of San Jose, Costa Rica. These are very exciting times we are in and we would love for you and your family to join with us! If you are unable to join us on this trip, would you consider giving to our endeavors of this ministry? With this upcoming trip we need to raise $5000 to fulfill the vision the Lord has given us! We really need your help and what better time to give than now! We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your year-end donation is tax deductible! You can go to our Navigation page and click on the donate button and simply follow the prompts and your done! Or, you can send your donation by mailing to P.O. Box 121924 Arlington, TX 76012.

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February 19-27, 2017